Arts & Entertainment

Product Used Switchable Privacy Glass
Location Dreamworld, Queensland
Glass Manufacturer Switchable Privacy Glass
Installer Switchglass

Big Brother

The popular Reality TV gameshow programme Big Brother placed everyday Australians under 24/7 surveillance in a specially-constructed house in Dreamworld, Queensland.

Contestants, also known as ‘house mates’, were isolated from the outside world, completed challenges and had to survive periodic evictions in order to be the last housemate to win the grand prize.

The show producers of Big Brother incorporated our innovative smart glass into the set in order to create a room where contestants on either side of the glass could be revealed or hidden. As a result, the large Switchable Privacy Glass played a central role in the game show and reached an average viewership of 1.5 million Australians per episode.

There are many exciting ways Switchable Privacy Glass can be incorporated to create unique and innovative experiences in the arts and entertainment industry.

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