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Switchguard & Switchguard PLUS

Provides an extra level of protection to weak spots in your building


  • Specifically developed to give extra resistance to impact
  • Interlayer is four times thicker than normal laminated glass
  • Provides a barrier to forced entry
  • Absorbs 99% solar UV radiation
  • Tested and certified to Grade-A Safety Glass standards
  • Suitable for domestic and commercial applications


How is Switchguard made?
Switchguard is made by sandwiching a clear, vinyl interlayer between two panes of glass and bonding them together with heat and pressure. Once sealed, the glass “sandwich” behaves as a single unit and looks like normal Switchglass.

Switchguard is four times thicker than Standard Switchglass and provides the ideal barrier to forced entry.

Switchguard is a Grade-A Safety Glass. In the home or in high pedestrian areas it can minimise the risk of injury – if broken, laminated glass sticks to the vinyl interlayers and stays intact. It also prevents dangerous shards of glass from scattering.

Noise Reduction
Standard Switchguard, through the thickness of its components, reduces exterior traffic, voice and airplane noise by approximately 13%.

Solar UV Protection
The vinyl inter-layer in Switchguard absorbs more than 99% of solar UV radiation. This greatly reduces the fading of your internal furnishings, extending its life by as much as 8.5 times.

Switchguard comes in four tinted shades.

How is Switchguard installed?
The installation process is the same as standard Switchglass.

Will the Switchguard interlayer degrade with age?
The vinyl inter-layer is sandwiched between panes of glass and therefore protected from the elements.

Switchguard has a manufacturer-backed warranty against fading, bubbling, peeling and discolouring.

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Switchguard Components


Switchguard Specifications

Standard Glass Thickness (can be customised)

Glass Size
Up to 1,820mm x 3,500mm


Switchguard PLUS Specifications

Standard Glass Thickness (can be customised)

Glass Size
Up to 1,820mm x 3,500mm



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