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 Instant shade by up to 33% from Switchglass Shade

Create Your Own Switchglass Shade glass: Select a Low-E Glass plus a variety of performance interlayers to suit your location for the electrochromic shade glass.

What are the shade benefits of Switchglass™ Shade?

  • Up to 33% shade with 4% clarity.
  • Blocks 99% of harmful UV rays.
  • Manufactured in various shapes and sizes to suit your requirements.
  • Choose from a variety of coloured glass and/or tinted films to achieve a decorative, coloured effect.
  • We can increase the shade and energy efficiency of Switchglass™ using specific glass types and/or a variety of interlayers.

Switchglass Shade Options IGU

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Switchglass IGU Specifications

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IGU Demonstration Video

Maximum Panel Size: 1,820mm x 3,500mm

Standard Panel Thickness: IGU ranges from 18.5mm to 34mm

33% shade created from Switchglass

Switchglass OFF

Switchglass OFF


75% light passing through Switchglass

Switchglass ON

Switchglass ON


Example of Switchglass™ Shade IGU Specification

Switchglass IGU Product Code P12SLE
Switchglass 9.52mm Panel + 12 spacer + Low E (Special)

Estimated Performance – Switchglass™ Power “On”
SHGC 0.45
Visible Light 63%
Infrared 25%
U Value 3.7
Lumen Light Reduction up to 33% (on/off)

IGU Demonstration Video
Click Here to view on our Youtube channel

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