Product Used Switchable Privacy Glass
Location London, United Kingdom
Glass Manufacturer Switchable Privacy Glass
Installer Essex Safety Glass Ltd


Switchable Privacy Glass is an eye-catching solution for luxury retailers requiring privacy or partitioning options.

Located in London, Ferrari dealership HR Owen utilised the latest technological advances in smartglass to design this ultimate client experience.

Our Switchable Privacy Glass transformed the dealership by encasing the car-lift with Privacy Glass in preparation for a grandiose presentation of a Ferrari to its new owner.

In a futuristic red-ribbon unwrapping, the car was loaded on to the underground lift and then raised up to ground floor level for the showroom reveal-moment. Heightening the suspense by retaining the Privacy Glass’ obscurity, a staff member was then able to instantly showcase the new Ferrari by means of a bespoke electrical system and remote control unit, thus ensuring a seamless and exciting customer experience without leaving his client’s side.

There are many exciting ways Switchable Privacy Glass can be incorporated into luxury retail to create unique and innovative experiences.

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