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Product Used Switchable Privacy Glass
Location Cockburn Central West
Glass Manufacturer Switchable Privacy Glass
Installer Switchglass

Fremantle Dockers – Fremantle Football Club

The Fremantle Dockers has relocated to a new local government community facility in Cockburn Central West. Housing extensive indoor and outdoor training areas and an aquatic centre, 6000sqm has been allotted to the club. The Fremantle Dockers administration will sit above the football training and operations areas.

Retrofit/Upgrade to Switchable Glass

In a turn-around time of 5 days we recently manufactured and installed two Switchglass™ panels into the club’s administration area. The panels serve as a dividing wall between the office of coach Ross Lyon, and a major thoroughfare.

Glazing was straight-forward. Our glaziers removed the existing glass out of its commercial aluminium frame, then the electrician pre-drilled holes in the upper extrusion for the wires to exit. The glaziers proceeded to retrofit the two Switchglass™ panels alongside each other, with a butt-joint in the middle. As the panels were slightly thicker (13.52mm), thinner rubbers were used to stabilise them.

On completion of the job our customer marvelled at the functionality of their new glass windows.

Switchglass™ provides the perfect balance for privacy on demand or transparency at the flick of a switch.

There are many exciting ways Switchable Privacy Glass can be incorporated into commercial office settings to create unique and innovative experiences.

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