Product Used Switchable Privacy Glass
Location Mascot Sydney Airport
Glass Manufacturer Switchable Privacy Glass
Installer Taylor Construction

Pullman Hotels

Under the umbrella of Accor Hotels, the upscale branding of Pullman Hotels and Resorts has resulted in a rapid network growth of their portfolio. By 2020 their objective is to have 150 hotels operating in key business and tourist locations.

The push to provide innovative, trending technology for their business and vacationing guests has seen the integration of the latest digital technology throughout their hotels. Facilities include high-speed Wi-Fi and unified entertainment devices that are easily accessible and user-friendly.

Our brief was to design and manufacture 4 x edgeless switchable privacy glass projection screens for the Pullman Mascot Project in Sydney. Each measuring 2500mm x 4000mm, the customer’s final approval saw our switchable glass screens suspended from the hotel lobby’s ceiling for the display of projected infra-red images, visible from either side, for guests within the hotel complex.

Switchglass Pullman Hotels Suspended Projection Screens

Mock-up Samples

The customer was originally looking at using projection film applied to normal glass. They tested four different types for their client.

We were asked to provide a SwitchGlass sample as a comparison. On demonstration, both customer and client were extremely impressed by the clarity of the projected images on to our product. We ended up being the favoured choice over the retrofit projection films.

From there we worked through the engineering requirements to laminate SwitchGlass using a 3.04mm PVB Switchglass interlayer between two pieces of toughened SuperClear CNC 6mm glass. The glass also required holes to be drilled to mount the suspended glass panel.

Project Credits

  • Audio Visual Consultants: Umow Lai, Mal Barnes – ICT Consultant
  • Audio Visual Projection System Installers: VisionX, Stuart Nicholls – Director
  • Project Management: Taylor Construction, Renny Iles – Senior Contracts Administrator
  • Glass Type: 15.04mm SwitchGlass Panel SuperClear Toughened
  • SwitchGlass Dimensions: 1820mm x 3500mm
  • Weight: 235kg per SwitchGlass Screen

There are many exciting ways Switchable Privacy Glass can be incorporated into your design plans to create unique and innovative experiences.

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