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Smart Tint vs Switchglass

What is the difference? Smart Tint is a film that can be retrofitted (stuck on) to the surface of your...

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Vanceva Coloured Interlayers

Vanceva Colour Options for Switchglass

Design and create over 3000 different colour options for Switchglass™ This is achieved by incorporating Vanceva coloured interlayers during the Switchglass™...

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Glass Curtain Walls

Glass Types for Switchglass™

11Nov 2016

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Switchable Glass Makeup - Clear or Coloured Glass Our Switchglass™ standard panel is made up of two panes of glass bonded...

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Curved Switchable Glass

Curved Switchable Glass

14Sep 2016

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Smart and Non Intrusive Curved switchable glass is an inspirational way to enhance a feature room. With its gentle curvature, it...

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Switchglass™ Panels Off On

Choosing Switchglass™

17Aug 2016

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Quality Switchglass™ is a high-quality laminated glass product manufactured with skill, care and integrity. Versatility Most noteworthy is its functionality and range of...

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Architects & Builders

06May 2016

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At Switchglass, we work closely with our customers to ensure project orders are processed and delivered on time. Architects and...

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General Notes for Glazing – Switchable Privacy Glass

31Mar 2016

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Switchable Privacy Glass is suitable for glazing into a wide range of steel, timber, aluminium or UPVC frame systems. Examine the...

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The Power Behind Switchable Privacy Glass

28Mar 2016

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This article is designed to give you a better understanding of the amount of electrical power required to operate Switchable...

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Switchglass Transformers

25Mar 2016

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Switchable Privacy Glass is now being used in a number of interesting ways in both commercial and residential building projects....

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