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The Power Behind Switch Glass Switchable Privacy Glass

28 Mar 2016

Know Your Product

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If you’re wondering exactly how does Switch Glass work, this article is designed to give you a better understanding of the amount of electrical power required to operate Switch Glass Switchable Glass.

The Power Behind Switch Glass

The Equipment

Each panel of Privacy Glass comes with its own power cord, connected power transformer, and wiring to the busbars in the actual panel. A busbar is a copper strip in the laminated glass panel that makes contact with the actual PDLC film, allowing electricity to operate the crystals within that film.

The Power

The driving voltage used is your normal household 230V AC (except in the USA).

The supplied power transformer steps the voltage down to 65V AC and the resulting current, a low 1000mAmps, will drive approximately 5m² of privacy glass. For greater areas we provide more transformers. For use in Operable Walls, Stackable or Bi-fold Glass Doors we also provide a low 36V AC transformer that delivers 1500mAmps current.

The Nuts and Bolts

When switchable privacy glass is switched ‘on’ the voltage, delivered through the busbars attached to the PDLC film within the panel, serves to align the liquid crystals in that film so as to allow transparency.

When switched ‘off’, these liquid crystals scatter, or unalign, creating opacity in the film so that you cannot see through it.

Unlock the Power of Switchable Privacy Glass with Switch Glass

The power behind switchable privacy glass lies in the innovative technology of PDLC film. Switch Glass can easily be switched from transparent to opaque and back again, providing users with ultimate privacy and light control, thanks to this innovative technology. With a range of electric frosted smart glass products, all made in Australia and available for worldwide installation, we are leaders in the field of switchable privacy glass.

If you’re looking to upgrade your space with the latest in smart glass technology, or to ask about switchable privacy glass cost, our full product range or for installation inquiries, contact us today.


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