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How Switchable Glass Can Transform Your Workplace

14 Apr 2016

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Switchable Glass

For optimal work productivity, it is important that your workplace has the right atmosphere for the performance of employees. But achieving the right blend of building design and work environment can be challenging and many businesses struggle to succeed. The open plan office layout is now very common. This is because it is flexible and more economical to run as compared to a design based on smaller, separate rooms. But companies’ needs do differ and one shoe does not fit all.

Office partitioning might be necessary for your organisation to make the office more suited to your requirements. But what about privacy? Well, innovations in the glass industry have made glass even more versatile by giving it the ability to create privacy at the flick of a switch.

This type of glass is called Switchable Glass. It will give your office that amazing modern-office feel while still providing the privacy offered by traditional walls. Otherwise known as “smartglass” it can also be used to replace exterior windows with great results. The glass will help regulate the interior temperature and control the amount of ambient light in the office.

Switchable Glass can transform your office space in the following ways:

  • Creating new private spaces with minimal effort Switchable Glass can transform once public areas into private hubs where employees can perform sensitive duties. It will help keep confidential information confidential and accessible to only those people who are involved. Office partitions can be installed in a matter of hours with a remote plug-in option. What this means is that after the installation, all that needs to be done for your Switchable Glass to be functional is to plug in its power cord to a suitable wall outlet and you are good to go.
  • Natural lighting is the best kind of light to work with. Switchable Glass walls will make sure that natural light gets to all corners of the office. Unlike traditional walls, Switchable Glass has the ability to go from opaque to transparent, allowing light to spread throughout the office. Larger spaces with traditional walls consume a lot of space. Replacing these walls with Switchable Glass will create more space, making your office area roomier than it used to be.


Glass partitions have the ability to make any office space look modern and stylish.

If you are looking to give your office space that modern look and feel, then Switchable Glass partitions can be a great option. Incorporating the company’s logo to the glass will give a corporate stamp to the whole work area.

Increased flexibility

Switchable Glass is able to offer privacy on demand.

This means that the rest of the time, when privacy is not needed, the glass can be kept clear. This is the closest you can get to an open office layout while still providing private spaces for the employees. The transparency also gives a positive perception to customers as it gives the office an “open and honest” feel. The client feels more confident when dealing with you.

Better temperature regulation

With the inclusion of Low-E Glass, switchable smartglass has the ability to let in or block out heat-bearing near-infrared light.

This means that when it is very hot outside, Switchable Glass will block out the heat while allowing in natural light to keep the office conducive to work. The glass will also let in heat during cold weather to help warm up the room.

Reducing maintenance cost

Switchable Glass eliminates the need for shades and blinds. Shades and blinds get dirty and require regular cleaning. Switchable Glass offers the functionality of shades and blinds without the maintenance. Cleaning will now only be necessary for the glass. Switchable Glass is easy to install and use and provides a viable option for office partitions.

This technology is gaining popularity due to its ability to blend aesthetics and functionality. The glass is able to make the workplace more versatile and therefore conducive to work. It is durable, cost effective in both installation and maintenance, stylish and elegant.

Companies are choosing switch glass due to its aesthetic appeal and ability to provide on-demand privacy for employees. In addition, Switchable Glass will also help keep your heating and cooling bill down by helping regulate the internal temperature of the building. Whether you are building a new office or renovating an old one, Switchable Glass is fast becoming a must have.

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