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Bathroom Renovations - House Rules 2019

House Rules 2019

Bathroom Renovations Modernise your bathroom with Switchglass Give yourself instant privacy or transparency at the flick of a switch See it on this...

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Fremantle Dockers - Switchglass Off

Hilarious Radio Commentary

28Mar 2017

Switchglass News

Chit Chat on Switchable Glass The recent installation of Switchglass™ into Fremantle Docker's coach Ross Lyon's office has radio announcers enthralled. Radio...

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WA Business News - Switchglass Interview

WA Business News Intelligent Technology

28Feb 2017

Switchglass News

Article published in WA Business News this month Read full article here:  Switchable Glass News...

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Smart Tint vs Switchglass

What is the difference? Smart Tint is a film that can be retrofitted (stuck on) to the surface of your...

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Vanceva Coloured Interlayers

Vanceva Colour Options for Switchglass

Design and create over 3000 different colour options for Switchglass™ This is achieved by incorporating Vanceva coloured interlayers during the Switchglass™...

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Switchable Glass - Boardroom Movie Scene Philadelphia

Switchable Glass in Movie Scenes

29Jul 2016

Switchglass News

The use of Switchable Glass in movie scenes has been popular within the film industry for some time now. High drama,...

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Switchglass Installation - Medical Room Off-On

Glass Fashion

08Jul 2016

Switchglass News

Switchable Privacy Glass is viewed by some as just another glass fashion.   So what distinguishes this electric glass from other glass...

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Installation - Glass Window for Infinity Pool

Glass Windows

07Jun 2016

Switchglass News

Our custom laminated glass windows for an infinity pool serve as an aesthetic and functional feature at this West Australian...

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Innovations from Switchglass

25Apr 2016

Switchglass News

The Switchglass Door Viewing Panel A modern and tasteful adaptation of the minimalist door-peephole (which has its genesis as a one-way...

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