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18 Apr 2016

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Last Updated on July 9, 2016 by SwitchGlass

A hint of a tint, or darker.

We recently carried out an interesting project for Riviera Boats. What we did was laminate Switchable Privacy Film between a piece of Super Grey Glass and Standard Grey Glass. This method gives the appearance of solid grey when the glass is in its frosted (off) state, and clear when the power is turned on. If we had wanted to achieve a darker finish, then we could have laminated with Super Grey Glass only, or Standard Grey to go lighter.

This adaptation of traditional laminated Privacy Glass allows for a greater range of applications, but it is of particular interest to the marine market.

Boats, as opposed to fixed buildings, are constantly turning in the water and each and every façade is exposed to the weather. Motor launches, especially, tend to have large windows around the cabin/cockpit, and in the case of the larger luxury models, the upper salons. Glare and visibility are crucial, opposing, factors – and then there is the privacy factor as they are often moored alongside wharfs or other boats: this is where tinted Switchable Privacy Glass can make a difference.

The other factor, which would only apply to boats that do serious travelling out at sea, is the necessity for strength in the glass panels, and this can be solved by the inclusion of other layers of transparent laminate to give strength to the glass. It goes without saying that the frames holding the windows in place must also be strong – but boat-builders are well aware of this.

With our glass laminating plant, Switchglass is now well-placed to increase production in this area of the market.

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